3 Refreshing Wedding Palettes from Pantone’s Fall 2017 Fashion Colour Report

Though the spring season is just about to come, recently Pantone released its latest Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report based on the top colors seen on New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 runway.

The palette leans towards the warm side, with a good balance of vibrant colors and classic autumnal shades. We see that there is a color for every type of bride; elegant, energetic, romantic, you name it. Hence, we took the liberty to create three wedding palettes based on the beautiful fall colors to inspire you. Scroll down to see them!

Refreshing Autumn
First up is Refreshing Autumn. Autumn Maple shines as the quintessential fall shade in this palette. We chose Navy Peony, a mainstay of the season, as another dominant shade to balance out the warm colors. As accents, Golden Lime and Natural Gray are the next choices. Golden Lime is a particularly wonderful addition as it adds liveliness to the palette.

To bring the glamour level up by a notch, choose metallic versions of these fall shades. Use silver instead of gray or copper instead of maple, and it can transform the palette in an instant. This palette would be perfect for your clients who are throwing a rustic wedding, especially in a barn or country lodge setting.

Romantic Reds
Up next is Romantic Reds, a feminine palette filled with rosy colors. Ballet Slipper is a blush shade, already a favorite wedding color for many brides. Pair it with Tawny Port, a dark burgundy color, to infuse the fall atmosphere into the whole palette. Spicing up the palette is Grenadine, a feisty shade of red.

Interestingly, you can choose any shade as the primary and accent color. Each one has a distinct look and will look beautiful on its own. If your client prefers to have a soft and feminine celebration, choose Ballet Slipper as the primary color. Grenadine will bring plenty of energy into the wedding, whereas Tawny Port will instill elegance and sophistication.

Serene Valley
Last but not least is Serene Valley. Consisting of Butterum, Marina, and Shaded Spruce, this combination quickly brings to mind a peaceful getaway up at the mountains. Butterum’s toasty shade remind us of the refreshing fall breeze. A lush green shade, Shaded Spruce complements Butterum and these two alone can form the perfect palette for a rustic wedding.

The final addition to this lovely color palette is Marina, an exciting blue shade that adds brightness and freshness. With its mix of earthy shades, this color combination will be especially suitable for client throwing an outdoor soirée attended by their closest friends and family.

Are there any more combinations that you can make out from the Fall palette? Share us your favourite combination on the comments section below!

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