30 Songs All Wedding Vendors Should Know

Believe it or not, choosing the right love songs are just as painstaking for vendors as it is for the clients. A videographer must know which songs are perfect for which wedding video. A photographer should know which songs to play to relax the couple. A wedding entertainer must know which songs could set the right mood during the party. Every other vendor should know which songs to recommend when a client ask for suggestions.

The challenge is, what if your choice of songs don’t quite stir emotions? Well, while there is a love song for every love story, you can’t be careless with your pick. To help you, here are the two things you must find out first:

  • The couple’s personality
    Are they extroverts or introverts? What do they like to do in their spare time? How would you categorize their love story? These are some questions you can ask to pick songs that will be appropriate for their wedding. After all, the right genre and songs can bring a wedding celebration to the next level.
  • The wedding setting
    Hold right there! Information regarding venue as well as theme are just as crucial because when paired with the right songs, a beautiful wedding could turn into a terrific celebration. For example, play ‘A Whole New World’ in a straight-out-of-a-fairytale kind of wedding by the beach or the classic ‘Canon in D’ in an elegant, glamorous wedding at a grand ballroom. Make them all get goosebumps out of awe – the bride, the groom, and the guests alike!

Now, when you have these points figured out, listen to a variety of songs before choosing anything. As we know all love songs could end up sounding similar after a while, we have prepared 30 songs that are divided into six categories to ease the job. Listen to them and we are sure they will inject a fresh feeling to your client’s big day!

1. Cheery Upbeat
Let’s kick-off with a playlist for the easy-going, adventurous, and simply cheerful couples! Recommend this playlist for the entrance song or mid-reception entertainment if your client wants to pick up the mood and get everyone singing along to themselves.

2. Unconventional Millennials
While there is a long list of feel-good wedding songs, this playlist offers more groovy tunes appropriate for couples who are always down to try something out-of-the-box. A bit naughty, a bit romantic, a bit poetic, a bit of everything that’s easy on everyone’s ears.

3. The Hopeless Romantic
It only takes one glance to spot all the feels on your clients’ faces. Sure, they are what you like to call the hopeless romantic. From the beginning of their love story down to their wedding themes and other preferences, everything emanates love. So, this playlist is for them who believe love never fails.

4. Classics Lovers
There is something about classic love songs that warms the hearts. These songs have passed the test of time, just like how your clients would want their marriage to be. In addition, even the guests can get a chance to reminisce their own love story.

5. Meaningful Mellows
The songs in this playlist are meant to set a more intimate mood during the party. We imagine seeing your clients taking their first dance together accompanied by the soothing voices of these singers. Do you see tears rolling down?

6. For the Old Soul
“Was that Frank Sinatra?” Yes, an oldie but goodie! While it’s good to be trendy, why not play songs that are more familiar to the baby boomers or Gen X parents, aunts, and uncles? A mix of jazz, country, and rock surely will amp up the atmosphere.

So, what do you think of these songs? While there are some that might be played often, we are sure there are song you never thought would be suitable for a wedding. In any case, we would love to hear your personal recommendation. Write them below!

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