40 Vegetarian & Vegan Foods You Can Serve In A Wedding

“Do you have vegetarian or vegan menu?”

If this question throws you into a state of panic, don’t worry, we’re here to solve your problem! As more people becomes vegetarians and vegans for various reasons, it’s not a surprise to receive such inquiries from brides and grooms-to-be who would like to provide a variety of menu for themselves and their guests. It is important to know the food you’re serving to your client’s wedding

Now, let’s first understand the difference between ‘vegetarianism’ and ‘veganism’:

  • Vegetarian (vg)
    A person who does not eat meat. Dairy products or eggs might be consumed depending on whether the individual is ovo-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, or ovo-lacto vegetarian.
  • Vegan (vn)
    A person who neither eat or use any animal products nor consume eggs and dairy products.

See below a widespread of scrumptious vegetarian and vegan food that will sway the hearts of your client’s carnivorous guest!

Meaning ‘appetizer’ in French, a fresh and tantalizing selection of hors d’oeuvres goes a long way! While there are many to choose from, here are our favorite picks to fill those hungry guests!

Photo Credits: Love & Lemons (left), COOKIE+Kate (middle) & Green Kitchen Stories (right)

As our mothers told us, “eat your veggies if you want to be healthy.” While salad could be a boring menu for a wedding reception, these exotic salad bowl will surely impress your clients and their guests alike.

Photo Credits: Minimalist Baker (left), Healthful Pursuit (top-right) & Delightful Vegans (bottom-right)

There’s nothing like a warm wonton soup in an air-conditioned ballroom party or a bowl of Moroccan chickpea soup for a chilly winter wedding. If you will be serving under the summer heat, count on Gazpacho to the rescue!

Photo Credits: The Full Helping (left), Serious Eats (top-right) & Epicurious (bottom-right)

If your clients don’t mind the extra calorie in their special day, suggest adding good ol’ pasta or noodle to their wedding menu. Or, if they are still looking for something similar but with less calories, we have added No Noodle Pad Thai for them to try.

Photo Credits: Delicious Magazine (top-left), Minimalist Baker (bottom-left) & COOKIE+Kate (right)

As a caterer, your food is your reputation. You can let them drum rolls because these vegetarian and vegan entrées are going to steal the spotlight!

Photo Credits: Delicious Everyday (left), Oliver Magazine (top-right) & Oh She Glows (bottom-right)

No wedding is complete without the presence of sweet treats to counter savoury aftertaste. Pick one, two, or even three for some sugar fix of the day.

Photo Credits: Reclaiming Provincial (left), Fork & Beans (middle) & Cheeky Kitchen (right)

Get the night going with drinks to quench everybody’s thirst. Alcoholic and not, these drinks will surely add a jolt of energy to your client’s wedding. Now, let’s serve ‘em up!

Photo Credits: Girl versus Dough (top-left), Love & Lemons (bottom-left), Vegan Richa (right)

There are endless food variety you can offer to your wedding clients, however if you are just about to venture into the vegetarian and vegan food scene, we hope the choices above could get you started. For those who have already provided these options, tell us you signature vegetarian and vegan dishes on the comment box below!

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