7 sweet alternatives to traditional wedding cakes

As someone who continuously makes wedding cakes, you must have had clients who desire wedding cakes that are out of the ordinary. So, here we gather multiple ways to be be out-of-the box with your creations!

This round-shape pastry has become one famous delectable dessert. The crunchy shells completed with soft tangy filling are nowadays a common sight in many weddings. With varieties of flavours and colors, you could assemble a macaron tower instead of the flour and icing cakes. It will add an elegant touch to your client’s wedding.

Choux might not be as famous as macarons but it has been trending nowadays. This light pastry dough with assorted cream filling choices, will be a bliss to the taste buds. Just like macarons, choux could be piled to make a croquembouche tower too. Often served in a French wedding, it consists of choux buns piled into a cone tower bound with caramel threads. If your clients haven’t had this yet, it will surely become their new favorite.

Pancake & Crepes
For clients who generally do not like cakes, you can substitute it with stacks of pancakes or crepes and decorate them with fruits, flowers, or even cream filling. But if your clients still want to have a wedding cake, you could serve it as coin pancakes. Don’t forget to provide jams and syrups at the side as well.

Who can’t resist these classic fried treats? Doughnuts can be decorated with icing, sprinkles or powdered with sugar. There is also the option to serve beignets or churros for similar taste but diverse choices. Stack them up again to make an unconventional cake, but be sure that you don’t miss the dipping sauces to go with it. The latest trends are even encouraging brides to have an array of colorful donuts on a wall! We’re pretty sure your clients will like it!

Even though cupcakes are almost similar to the traditional wedding cakes, they give off a different twist. You can serve different flavours rather than one so your clients will to more flavors in one bite. The beautiful and colorful decorations available can also add another level of sweetness that will surely leave the guests with awe.

Sweet Pies
While savory pies might be tempting, it won’t suffice to be a dessert unless it’s sweet. Pies can exudes a rustic and homey feeling to your clients wedding, especially those opting for an intimate wedding in the barn setting. You either assemble a combination of different tastes from mixed fruits to sweet chocolate filling, or make mini pies and place them on a dessert stand. With their delicate details, you can simply stack these pies in an acrylic or cupcake stand for a chic and stylish décor.

Chocolate Fountain & S’mores
Can anything get more fun than having a simple chocolate fountain? You just need to prepare fruits or candies on a stick and let the guests try different combinations. For s’mores, you could provide it as a DIY s’mores bar by having all the ingredients on a dessert table. But take a note that this s’mores idea is suitable for weddings of not more than 100 guests.

It can be tricky to create something different for your clients, especially one that will remain memorable, hence it’s best to consult with your clients about their likings and ideas. Though wedding cake does not hold much significance in a wedding, it’s your duty to make it as one that will highlight your client’s wedding.

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