Weddingstory has partnered up with Uber to launch Weddingstory x Uber Card for wedding guests!

Weddingstory and Uber have partnered up to create exclusive promo cards that your clients can give to their wedding guests. Read more to learn how they can get the promo cards for free!

Your clients can get our exclusive Weddingstory x Uber promo cards as long as they have booked a wedding venue within Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or Bali, and have also booked an invitation vendor within Indonesia. Their guests can use the unique promo code printed on each card to enjoy a discounted Uber ride while at the same time sit back and relax on their way to the wedding. What’s more exciting, your clients can create a customized promo code themselves and get the promo cards for free!

To get the Weddingstory x Uber promo cards, simply ask your clients to follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter their wedding details
  3. Create a custom promo code
  4. Once approved, we’ll send the promo cards
  5. Insert the promo cards into the wedding invitations, and send them to the guests
  6. Guests can use the promo code to go to their wedding!

So, don’t forget to start telling your clients about this exciting offer! For more information, please visit

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