Weddingstory Quarterly Statistics: per Jan-Mar 2016

Here are the main highlights from the first quarter of 2016!

Monthly traffic
The total average monthly traffic to Weddingstory amounts to 500,000 users, a 6.8% increase from the previous quarter. Overall, users from Indonesia (50.3%) still contribute the highest monthly traffic. However, we see increasing traffic from Singapore (15.34%), the Philippines (12.15%), Malaysia (8.76%), USA (5.09%), and Australia (1.39%). Users from other countries contribute 6.94% of the total average monthly traffic.

Growing business leads
The average number of leads that vendors receive per month as of 2016 Q1 has significantly increased from the previous quarter. Vendors who own a Gold Plan receive an average of 47 leads monthly (a 99.2% increase from 2015 Q4), while those with Silver Plan receive 25 leads (+35.8% from 2015 Q4) and those with a Free Plan receive 4 leads (+100% from 2015 Q4). Out of the total number of leads, 64.9% are sent by potential clients who want to ‘ask or view pricelist, hence emphasizing the importance for vendors to provide price list and update it on a timely basis.

Strengthening mobile behaviour
Previously, traffic to Weddingstory were only divided between desktop and mobile site visits. Now, having launched the Weddingstory app in mid-February, we have added visits from the mobile app to our quarterly statistics. As of March 2016, the Weddingstory app has contributed 42.72% of the total Weddingstory visitors. Our mobile site generates 22.56% of the total visitors and those who are still using desktop amount to 34.72% of the total Weddingstory visitors. It is safe to say that wedding planning is now done mobile as more people multitask in between their daily jobs and therefore we would like to remind vendors to always keep an updated business profile to attract potential clients.

Average time spent when browsing
Ever since the launch of Weddingstory app, we see more Weddingstory visitors spending longer time browsing on the Weddingstory app (8 minutes) instead of the website (6 minutes). This result is a reflection of our improved interface as well as the growing convenience of browsing on mobile phones through better phone specification, hence making them more keen to spend more time on their phones.

To keep up with the global mobile behaviour, we recommend you to start managing your business on-the-go via the Weddingstory Pro app that is dedicated to help wedding vendors reply business leads and update projects faster. You can get the app by clicking on this link:

Download Weddingstory Pro from App Store
Download Weddingstory Pro from Google Play

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