Guides to create the perfect rustic wedding for your clients

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By definition, the word
rustic is used to describe something rural or related to the countryside, or something that is made in a plain and simple fashion. A rustic wedding, on the other hand, is one that uses a lot of natural elements and decorations that are simple and understated.

There are no fixed boundaries on what a rustic wedding should be like. In fact, we think that the beauty of this theme is to show how couples can infuse their personality and preferences to create their own version of rustic. We believe that the versatility of this theme has outlast many other wedding trends that arise in the past years.

Tip #1: For wedding planners
As a wedding planner, firstly suggest your clients to find the right venue. There are some places that can naturally give-off a rustic ambiance without needing any major remodelling. The venue can vary from the backyard at the bride’s or groom’s house, or in the woods, garden, barn, winery, farm, or even a conservatory.

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Tip #2: For wedding decorators
There are plenty of ways to create a wedding decoration setup that looks and feels rustic. Below are some tips as a guide to create a rustic decoration, though we believe you can be more creative and come up with new interesting ideas.

  • Keep the color palettes neutral
    Rustic weddings are known for their neutral and muted color scheme. Stick to classic colors like white or ivory and don’t forget to incorporate earthy colors like beige, shades of green or brown for a natural look. Feel free to add gold, silver, or even bronze for more glamorous touches.

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  • Make use of your surroundings
    Unexpectedly, rustic wedding can be an eco-friendly way to hold a party because of its close association with nature. Slice leftover wood logs for table numbers or make wedding signage out of cut wood. Your creativity as the vendor might be tested but this will create beautiful decorations.

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  • Rich color accents
    If neutral colors are too boring, spice up their rustic wedding with rich color accents, like marsala, navy, ruby, or burgundy to add a certain depth into the celebration.

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  • Escort cards
    As part of your wedding decorations, the escort card display shouldn’t be overlooked. Use natural elements like driftwood, tree branch, recycled paper, or even more interesting objects like wine corks or tiny rocks.

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Tip #3: For wedding florists
Creating rustic décor is one thing, but crafting a rustic-looking bouquet is another story. We bet you are more skillful than us, but here we are sharing some of our favorites hoping to inspire you even more.

  • Loose bouquet
    A loose bouquet will bring out that natural, rustic feeling with it’s messy shape that is unlike the usually perfect circular bouquet.

Photo by Leaf Studios (left) & Judy Pak (right)

  • Use rustic flowers
    Flowers and greenery such as baby’s breath, cotton flowers, as well as olive or eucalyptus leaves are great choices for a rustic bouquet. What’s more, these flowers are not commonly used so the bride can show off her one-of-a-kind bouquet.

Photo by Photo Pink (left) & Katie Stoops (right)

  • Wrap it the rustic way
    A simple way to have a great rustic finish look by making use of rope, burlap, and lace to wrap the bouquet for that rustic feel.

Photo by Austin Warner Photography (left) & Onelove Photography (right)

Tip #4: For the wedding cake bakers
The presence of this sweet treat in every wedding celebration cannot be forgotten. Here are some ideas to start you baking a rustic wedding cake.

  • Naked cake
    Thanks to their intentionally unfinished yet eye-pleasing look, naked cakes are a popular choice for rustic weddings nowadays. Be sure to take extra precaution to guard the cake as this type of cake can get dry and dirty quickly.

Photo by Mariel Hannah (left) & Honey Honey Photography (right)

  • Vines, fruits, and plants
    Instead of the common fondant and buttercream icing, use nature-grown elements to decorate the wedding cake. Give your clients options of incorporating vines, fruits, or even succulents as lovely additions to the cake.

Photo by Jose Villa (left) & Heather Payne (right)

  • Multiple short cakes
    If you want something fancier than a three-tiered cake, why not try giving your clients these multiple short cakes on display? A great alternative to having just one tall cake.

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Tip #5: For wedding dress designers
Let’s talk about the attires for both the bride and groom. What should you suggest to them?

  • Skip the ball gown
    Keep the train short and the veil modest. Let them know how these dresses are no less pretty, but more practical and suitable for a rustic wedding.

Photo by Donny Zavala (left) & Sara Weir (right)

  • Add some details
    Extra details complement the bride’s simple dress to avoid making it look too plain. Ruffles, lace, cutouts, or a cape are a few things you can start with.

Photo by Anna Tereshina Photography (left) & Ryan Ray Photography (right)

  • More relaxed ensemble
    The big benefit of having a rustic wedding is that the bride and groom can wear a more relaxed ensemble without looking out of place. Swap tiring heels with flat shoes, blazers with vest. Isn’t this wonderful?

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Tip #6: For the wedding invitation vendors
Invitation is an important element that can properly set the rustic wedding theme by the look of it. When you create an invitation, make sure it also portrays the couple’s characteristics.

  • Keep the colors neutral
    Just like your decorations, keep the color palettes looking neutral with beige or white and pair it with wooden or marble texture.

Photo by Ozzy Garcia Photography

  • Less is more
    Keep the design simple. A simple, clean look instantly accentuates the rustic theme.

Photo by Brumley (left) & Cmostr Photography (right)

With all these tips at your knowledge, you are on your way to create a splendid rustic-themed wedding for your clients. Do you have any more rustic-themed wedding ideas on your pockets? Share them below!

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