Top 10 shades from Pantone Spring 2017 color report

For Spring 2017, Pantone has released colors that are not only bright and vivid but also evoke a sense of earthiness. The 10 hues include vibrant shades like Primrose Yellow and Flame along with more earthy tones such as Hazelnut and Kale. Take a look at them below!

Photo via Pantone

These colours truly remind us of spring time and will definitely look great for your clients’ upcoming spring wedding. To give you some ideas, we’ve created four
wedding color palettes by mix-matching the top 10 Pantone color for Spring 2017.

Blushing Buttercup
This palette combines the warmth and enthusiasm of Primrose Yellow with the tranquility of Pale Dogwood, a color that is associated with innocence and purity. Together, these hues form a color scheme that feels energetic, elegant, and graceful at the same time. This palette will easily suit a cheerful bride with a romantic flair!

Photography by Shannon Duggan Photography, Amanda Dumouchelle, Dylan M. Howell Photography, Kurt Boomer, Sally Pinera

Vibrant Spring
A combination of two radiant colors, the Vibrant Spring is indeed an eye-catching palette. Flame adds a touch of flamboyance and theatricality to this palette, while Lapis Blue conveys strength and confidence. Though the combination of two dominant colors might be intimidating, but if your bride wants something more daring than pastel colors, this palette will suit them just fine.

Photography by Weddings by Nicola & Glen, Elizabeth Nord Photography, Whitney Krutzfeld

Woodland Wonderland
Inspired by a tame forest, this earthy palette will complement a rustic wedding filled with foliage and wooden accents. Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that truly befits its name, while Kale is a darker green that adds depth to the palette with its richer color intensity. Bringing the whole palette together is Hazelnut, a versatile and transitional color that imbues natural warmth. To add a ‘pop of color’ to the palette, try combining one bold hue like Flame as the prime color.

Photography by Brumley & Wells, Tenth & Grace, Daphne Mae, Daniel Kim Photography

Tropical Mist
The refreshing aqua of Island Paradise and the festivity of Pink Yarrow brings to mind an escape to an exotic tropical paradise. Meanwhile, Niagara tones it down with a sense of ease and relaxation. Said to be the most prevalent color of Spring 2017, the shade has a dusty quality that gives this palette a ‘shabby chic’ feel. As a whole, this palette will beautifully decorate a tranquil destination wedding with a pop of color.

Photograhy by Patrick Moyer, Jillian Rose Photography, Peter and Veronika, Rachel Solomon Photography

Now that you’ve seen all of our wedding color palette suggestions for Spring 2017, tell us about your favorite. Can you imagine other combinations from Pantone’s Spring 2017 Colors? Share us your thoughts on the comment box below!

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