Vendor Idea: 10 ways to throw a flower-less wedding for your clients

From wedding bouquets, corsages, floral centerpieces, to rose-covered aisles covered, flowers are a staple in wedding for ages that it seems odd to have a wedding without them. But when faced with an unconventional request from a client, budget-stricken clients (flowers can be expensive) or some eco-friendly clients, you might want to read some of the ideas we have below to impress and give your clients a wedding celebration that’s unforgettable.

Believe it or not, fruits actually work really well as decorative elements for a wedding celebration. You can place fruits in different parts of the wedding decoration such as centerpieces, escort cards, table numbers, place cards, even the dessert table or bar.

Photo by: Cly by Matthew (left) & Gavin Farrington (right)

Photo by: Corbin Gurkin (left) & Jessica Kay (right)

Even without the flowers, greeneries can still make your client’s wedding look pretty. You can use the leaves and vines as the table runner, chair decoration, or even adorned to the chandelier. You can use a pot of lush foliage to make escort card display. Place a terrarium and stick the escort cards for the guests to see.

This earthy element will definitely match in rustic weddings. The wooden signage is a great idea, too. Have a few of these signs decorating a ranch or rustic-themed garden wedding. The photo features escort cards made with driftwood. It has a more nautical feel, making it just as suitable for a beach wedding.

Bringing out a chic element, feathers, no matter large and small ones certainly have a glamorous and vintage ambiance about them. If your client is the more subtle and modest type, pick small feathers and pair them with twigs, branches and wheat strands. If they’re looking for a lush and glamorous feel, get big feathers and assemble the feathers together in a big centerpiece.

Hang colorful parasols upside down from the ceiling to give a vintage feel, this will be most suited to an oriental-themed wedding. You can also hang different parasol styles in the same color as a backdrop for the guests’ photos. They’re going to love it.

Mirrors, antique and vintage ones in particular, make a great wedding decoration element. A lot of couples have used mirrors to make a beautiful welcome signs for their guests. Aside from the welcome signs, mirrors can also be used as table numbers or the wedding menu. Remember to mind the ink you’re using over the mirrors, make sure they’re readable but not dull.

Experiment with fabrics to create some sort of pattern and variation on the ceiling of the wedding venue. If you want to cover the whole space, the photo on the right might be a better choice. Gather the ends of all the fabrics used to cover the tent ceiling and use it to create a chandelier-like decoration in the center of the tent.

Candles are classic and versatile. You simply can’t go wrong with it, as there are a lot of ways you can use them to spice up a plain wedding hall, even without flowers. Down the aisle, over the tables alongside the greenery, over on the chandeliers, the choice is endless. You can also put up cute and distinctively-shaped lanterns on the ceiling to create some visual interest. If you can, pair up different kinds of lanterns to give unique variations.

If your clients have decided to use no flowers in your wedding, we say it’s the perfect time to get creative with thematic wedding decoration. Suggest several themes to your clients. For instance, this couple went with a nautical theme, so they had wire ships along with other marine elements to decorate their tables and venue.

And finally, papers and ribbons. You must have used these two things a lot for your childhood craft projects, who knew they would come in handy for a wedding as well? Making paper cranes is one option you can consider. Another great idea is to use patterned paper as the backdrop and complete the whole look with ribbons as pictured on the right.

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